After almost three months here in Egypt I don’t feel like leaving at all!

Aeiza aoud hina lakin mish mumik aeshan alshoghel bitai…

I will remember you all and hopefully come back very soon.

This is what I remember the most, and some of many reasons why I will miss every single one of you:

A – for his true friendship, for dancing tango with me and for showing me the alternative scene.

W – for our chats at Taqaiba, for her hard studying and for letting me into her life.

S – for her brave political activism and for sharing her thoughts and tears with me.

A – for our chats at Taqaiba, her intricate love life and for her frankness and humour.

D – for opening her house to me, letting me know all her friends and for making me feel very special.

R – for her beauty and shy kindness and for driving me home in the nights.

K – for his way of saying Eshtat while smoking hashish and for being an Egyptian Che Guevara.

M – for her translations when I was in need, our coffees at Costa and for rescuing me when I fainted.

S – for her caring ways and for trying to teach me belly dancing.

L – for being such a creative and ambitious woman despite all her restrictions.

M – for his helpfulness and always being there for me.

N – for showing me that veiled women can be cool, funny, smart and rebellious and for helping me get a golden memory.

D – for being a bit crazy and for taking me on nightly escapades.

A – for his eyes on me and for being a gentleman.

H – for her cool and cruel way of turning down the real Madonna and for being herself 100%.

M – for her frankness when it came to talking about sex.

M H – for always welcoming me at his hashish drenched place and for his brave work for the freedom of speech.

M – for being a true artist and for his cool hairstyle.

N – for his help in studying and for taking me to a crazy party when I needed it badly.

D – for her broken heart and her true shyness.

M – for his cruel joke with A and for driving me home.

And again S, D, D, D, D, R, L, H, N and S for inviting me into your cool gang and for all the shisha we smoked together at Strano.